Planting a Forest is Easy Treesie!

By January 15, 2019News

On the 12th of December we were thrilled to be joined by a big bunch of primary school children in what will soon be a forested area of Malahide. In collaboration with Easy Treesie, an organisation aiming to help Ireland’s one million school-age children plant one million trees by 2023, we planted no less than 300 trees!

Four of our own volunteers, Filip, Camilla, Vicky and Gabja, met the multiple classes of school kids as they jumped off the buses and guided them from the car park to the plantation site. Everyone was given planting gear – gloves, shovels, tree  whips, etc – and guided through the tree planting process. The sense of joy felt from getting our hands dirty, being out in nature, and making a very tangible difference – not only to this little patch of Malahide, but to the world – was immense.

Filip, Camilla, Vicky and Gabja were all smiles on-site!

We need to give a huge shout-out to Easy Treesie for making the day possible! The organisation is part of the Five Nations Tree Challenge, which was formed with England, Scotland, Wales and the Global South when all five nations joined the UN’s Plant-for-the-Planet trillion tree challenge. And with the aim of planting a million trees by 2023, Easy Treesie is certainly playing its part. Easy Treesie has accrued too many awards and grants to name, all of them very well-deserved, and we certainly hope to partner with them again in the future.

To finish, here’s a quote from Leonard Bernstein that you’ll find on the Easy Treesie website if you look hard enough:

“Two things are needed for success: a plan and not quite enough time.”


P.S. if you’re keen to get involved in The Afforestation Project, click here!

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