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Why Should I care about…The Black Garden Ant

By Laura Byrne
Our native Black Garden Ant (Lasius niger), like most insects. Gets lots of bad press. Portrayed as prolific picnic pilferers, invading baskets and making off with any goodies they can carry. A google search of “Ants” will lead you to Pesticide products, articles on garden and home infestations and advice on how to most effectively exterminate them. This blog looks at these little guys through a different lens. Musclebound Ladies The Olympic weightlifters of the insect world, a worker Ant (4-6mm long, living 1-2years) can lift 20 times her own bodyweight! But do not fear the Black Garden Ant, she does not carry diseases or bite people. She is far too busy at the day job and community work. Ants…
Laura Byrne
November 16, 2019