The Afforestation Project

Plant a tree, grow a future


The Afforestation Project is an Irish not-for-profit organisation mobilised with the mission of planting 14,000,000 trees in Ireland. Ireland’s level of woodland cover is 10.5% – the lowest in Europe. Our goal is to bring this up to 30% by collaborating with other forestry organisations, private land owners, communities, volunteers and county councils. In doing so, we will drastically offset Ireland’s annual greenhouse gas emissions and hopefully inspire other countries to follow in our footsteps, sparking an international movement to mitigate climate change.


Important as it is to dream, no large undertaking can be accomplished without a clear-cut strategy and public support. Primarily, we are teaming up with county councils to license the use of public land for our plantations. The first plantation, our ‘patient zero’, will be undertaken in collaboration with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. Preparation is already on the way, and we plan to kick-off the first plantation during the winter of 2018.


Each of our plantations will be administered by a dedicated team of volunteer coordinators who will be trained by our board of directors and the county council. Although the coordinators will be the heart of our movement, the muscle will come in another form altogether. With the arrival of planting season, when all the training and bureaucracy is behind us, we will look to community groups – college societies, company workforces, schools and clubs – to join our campaign and help us afforest Ireland. Everyone involved in the project will communicate and collaborate through the Forest HUB, an online platform designed for managing tree planting projects. If you or your community is interested in joining forces with us on a plantation, please apply here.

Calling all tree plantation owners and forestry organisations!

Planting 14,000,000 trees is a huge goal. We are well aware that we are not the only ones striving to afforest Ireland. With this in mind, we would like to reach out to other organisations, as well as private tree plantations, to share resources and potentially collaborate. We are eager to hear from any such organisations and plantations – please contact us (hyperlink to our plantations registration page) if this applies to you!
If you would like to use our plantation micromanagement software for another project or display your plantation on our interactive satellite map, click here.

If you are a private land owner interested in starting a tree plantation, you can apply for an ‘afforestation grant’ from the Irish government which will fund the operation, as well as provide you with additional financial benefits. Click here to find out more.

We are looking forward to working together with people and groups that are passionate about promoting Irish forestry and mitigating climate change.

Warm regards,

Filip Jastrzebski,

CEO and Chairman, The Afforestation Project.