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The Afforestation Project is an Irish not-for-profit organisation and registered charity (RCN:20161897). Our goal is to plant 14,000,000 trees in Ireland in an attempt to fight climate change and promote biodiversity.


In order to achieve our mission, we have been working on operational systems that could make this project feasible. So far, we have constructed two symbiotic models.


This model involves the collaboration of three parties: County councils, local communities and The Afforestation Project.

Step 1. We work with the county councils to obtain public land for setting up a ‘communal plantation’. Once the land becomes available and the county council is committed to our project, we move onto step 2.

Step 2. We recruit local communities, such as college societies, company workforces, secondary schools or any other type of community. The communities then get to plant at the communal plantation in their local area, every month.

Step 3. We also recruit individual volunteers who will act as plantation coordinators and who will help us manage the community groups at the plantation site.

Step 4. Once all recruitment is complete, a ‘communal plantation’ commences. The county councils provide the tree whips and land for planting, while we bring in the volunteer communities.  We then create brand awareness for the movement as well as all the parties involved, through digital marketing.

To ensure the trees are maintained for decades to come, we suggest contractual agreements between community groups and county councils, where both parties agree to upkeep the plantations at least once a year and guarantee the plantations are permanent and will not be cut down. 

Given the current climate change crisis, we believe combating climate change is a top priority. The Irish government is dedicated to this priority and we intend to bring our efforts to their attention.  We believe we can scale our project nationwide and plant 14,000,000 trees, with the help of communities and local and national government.


We have been developing software, for both browser and mobile, that will improve and optimize tree-planting and plantation management for our project.  This will be available to any other not-for-profit forestry movement around the world.

The Forest Network

We have teamed up with the Google not-for-profit program to display tree-plantations on Satellite Google Map. Each plantation will display location, tree species, number of trees planted, volunteers and partners profiles as well as contact information for anyone who wants to contribute to the site.

The Forest HUB

We have developed a project management software, tailored for tree-planting, and we can make it available to any organisation that needs technical support in managing a plantation.  This platform allows for easy communication between volunteers by using desktop or our mobile application, to invite others to join as volunteers or propose plantation dates/times, etc.


If you are interested in joining our movement, you can fill out an application form HERE to apply as a volunteer or on the behalf of your community. You can also donate to our project HERE. We need consistent funding to continue developing our software and growing our organisation.  

If you are a company that would like to partner with us by providing volunteers and/or funding, please contact us at:

Do you want to partner with us?

We are currently seeking partnerships with the government and county councils. If you are in a position to help our project, please contact us at:

We thank you in advance for your support!

Best Regards,

Filip Jastrzebski
Founder, Chairman and CEO

The Afforestation Project